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Everything is energy.  Everything.

You, the environment you live in, the ground you walk on,  the food you eat, the kids you send off to school and dog you pat as you walk out the door.  Everything is energy - vibrating at different frequencies.  Low vibrations attract negativity into your life - negative experiences and people.  High vibrations attract positivity and happiness - positive experiences and people. 


Whilst your thoughts and feelings have a big impact on your energetic vibration, the physical spaces around you have an energy and vibration of their own that affect your life. 


Through feng shui, aromatherapy and sound therapy, this energy can be manipulated and changed, to raise your vibrations and bring about positive changes to your life.



Feng Shui / Vastu

Assess your home/office with Feng Shui & Vastu.  Identify impediments to your happiness & success along with their remedies.

Singing Bowl Massage

Raise your vibrational frequency with Singing Bowls, in a 1-hour, clothed 'massage' where bowls are placed on body chakras to release emotional blocks & foster deep relaxation.


Use Essential Oils in burners, salt baths and body rubs, to clear negative energies, raise vibrations and harmonize your emotions.

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